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MoviePass users can’t see Crazy Rich Asians till Sunday because MP picks the movies now

Here’s Thursday’s development in the seeming last gasps of MoviePass: The menu of movies you can select from daily has shrunk to six for your $10 per month. But you can still see three of them! Unfortunately, that means no Crazy Rich Asians until Sunday — if the beleaguered company can even hold to that […]

Lithium-ion batteries inspired by children’s slime won’t catch fire and explode

The slimy children’s goo known as oobleck, made from cornstarch and water, has inspired researchers to create a lithium-ion battery that is less prone to dangerous fires. Lithium-ion batteries are indispensable to our tech-filled lives — they power basically all of our electronic devices, from laptops to headphones to smartphones. Sadly, they can explode when damaged […]

Security flaws in mobile point-of-sale systems spell money trouble

Cheaper payment systems may cost businesses less, but they could’ve wound up costing customers more. That’s the word from a pair of security researchers, who discovered that mobile payment systems had vulnerabilities that could let hackers steal credit card info or change the value of what people pay. Researchers Leigh-Anne Galloway and Tim Yunusov of […]

With 5G and Sprint, T-Mobile vows cheaper wireless service than ever

The next-generation of wireless technology, known as 5G, is poised to change our lives. Once it actually gets here.  But how will 5G look and work when it does? T-Mobile is aiming for broad coverage and has committed to building a nationwide 5G network by 2020.  ‘Our view is 5G should be everywhere,’ President and […]

No, Spotify isn’t using your GPS to kick you off your family plan

Spotify Premium is cheaper if you share it with your family, but you may want to think twice if your family lives apart. According to Spotify’s website, the ‘Premium for Family’ plan can be shared with up to six people who live in the same household. To make sure that family plan members actually shared […]

EBay wants to help you sell your old phone fast with Instant Selling

eBay will now let you sell your old phone in ‘a matter of minutes,’ but there’s a small catch: You get paid in eBay vouchers. Known as Instant Selling, the service could be useful if your previous phone is just gathering dust and you’re bidding on some big-ticket item. The e-commerce site says it offers […]