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Lithium-ion batteries inspired by children’s slime won’t catch fire and explode

The slimy children’s goo known as oobleck, made from cornstarch and water, has inspired researchers to create a lithium-ion battery that is less prone to dangerous fires. Lithium-ion batteries are indispensable to our tech-filled lives — they power basically all of our electronic devices, from laptops to headphones to smartphones. Sadly, they can explode when damaged […]

EBay wants to help you sell your old phone fast with Instant Selling

eBay will now let you sell your old phone in ‘a matter of minutes,’ but there’s a small catch: You get paid in eBay vouchers. Known as Instant Selling, the service could be useful if your previous phone is just gathering dust and you’re bidding on some big-ticket item. The e-commerce site says it offers […]

Using Android’s dark mode improves battery life, Google confirms

Google hosted its 2018 Android Dev Summit on Friday, in which it talked about all things Android. In one of its presentations, Google talked about power consumption and how your phone drains its battery life. During this presentation Google shared an interesting conclusion: dark mode saves battery life on Android. Sure, some people may have […]

Galaxy S10e rumored to come in Canary Yellow, and it’s something to behold

If these renders are to be believed, the Galaxy S10e, the entry-level model in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship line, will come in a decidedly un-mellow yellow.  We thought we’d seen all the colors the new phones might be available in, but MySmartPrice treated us to a possible Canary Yellow incarnation for the S10e. The […]

Galaxy S10 full specs may have been revealed in final, devastating leak

The Galaxy S10 has had its privacy violated once more. After months of persistent leaks and rumors, a mortifyingly comprehensive list of specs for each of Samsung’s forthcoming flagship phones has now been published, according to GSM Arena.  The spec sheet, which is said to have come from a source inside of Samsung’s ‘retail channel,’ […]

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in 2019

When one of the biggest ‘innovations’ in smartphones in 2018 was the addition of a notch on the display, you know the industry has hit a rut. With fewer big technical leaps between generations, there’s plenty of evidence that consumers are starting to hit the snooze button on upgrading their phones. A year ago, smartphone […]

Sprint’s dramatically cheap unlimited deal is back, but it’s $25 now

Sprint’s insanely low offer for wireless service is back, if a little bit more sane.  The nation’s smallest national wireless provider will bring back its Unlimited Kickstart plan for a limited time. The original sale, which launched in early June, offered a basic unlimited data plan for $15 a month. It’s back this time, but […]